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Outsourcing your payroll with Payroll Connections, Inc. is an affordable solution. When you consider the cost of a full time payroll staff or the valuable hours you yourself would have to put in, you can really start to see why outsourcing your payroll is such a good idea for your bottom line.

You'll never have to worry about accuracy in your payroll taxes again. Outsourcing your payroll services means working with experts who know all the ins and outs of earnings, deductions and tax reporting.

Whether you're mailing checks, using direct deposit, or utilizing the web employee paperless office, Payroll Connections, Inc. can get your employees' checks processed and mailed without any delays.

One of the nice things about working with us is having the benefit of a trusted specialist available to answer your payroll related questions.

Victoria L. Steinmetz


Amy V. Sirianni

Professional Confidential

Reliable Convenient Accurate

Saves Time Affordable